My Summer Must Haves

During the baseball season I travel a lot. Wait….saying I travel a lot is actually the understatement of the year. I travel more days than I am home in the off season combined. It’s insane- but I LOVE it.  It’s such an amazing experience getting to stop in the “fly over cities” and it’s always so encouraging to meet women that are in the baseball world.  They understand how demanding it is to be a professional athlete’s wife.

But no matter where I go- these are my traveling summer must-haves!

1. I live in my Tory Burch Miller Logo thongs. I have them in “sand patent” but I just consider them nude. They come in numerous colors and have yet to give me any blisters or foot pain at all!  With all of the walking I do in the airport or at the field, I love a good flat. These are stylish and super comfy!

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2. I am absolutely obsessed with Free People halter bralettes! Not only are they ridiculously comfortable, they come in so many gorgeous colors that you are sure to find one that works for you! I love wearing them under tank tops so I don’t have to figure out what bra works with the tank or try to figure out how to hide the straps of certain bras. I especially love them with the Pink (Victoria’s Secret) tank tops that have super low armpit holes. That way, when I am at the field, I can feel cool and breezy but not show my normal bra and have it look tacky!

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3. When I am on the road, my husband and I eat out all the time. It’s hard eating healthy when you live out of hotel. Even though I try to have my daily salads and try to be as health conscious as I can, it is difficult! I make sure I always get my nutrients through the Blue Print Juices! I have previously done a juice cleanse via their juices and loved it! I can’t do that on the road though- with all of the yummy food you smell at the ballpark, it can be hard to turn it down sometimes! Anytime I am feeling groggy or just plain out of it- I make sure to have a Blue Print Juice! When we go to a new city, I always search out a Whole Foods- that way I can get my Blue Print Juice fix!

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4. With all of that time in the sun during baseball games, I need to make sure I have a great moisturizer on hand daily! I am a huge advocate of Ole Henriksen face care products, so of course my “go-to” face moisturizer is made by him! I use Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation daily face moisturizer. It is oil-free and lightweight, which is great to wear day or night! I hate when my face feels like it has layers of product on it- and with this product, I don’t even feel like I am wearing anything at all! It nourishes the skin while gently exfoliating and helps to fade dark spots! (When I was younger, I didn’t take the best care of my skin with sunscreen and now suffer from dark spots on my forehead. Being in the sun brings them out more and they look darker. I can say this moisturizer is helping to fade them! It is incredible!)

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5. And last but DEFINITELY not least- Airborne Everyday! I love that Airborne now makes a daily multivitamin supplement! With all of the traveling I do and coming in contact with tons of germs daily, I take these religiously! Ain’t nobody got time to be sick during baseball season- am I right!?! Haha! The best part is that you can take the chewable ones and they taste like candy! I love a healthy treat!

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Thanks for letting me share my summer must-haves with you! I would love to hear some of yours! xo!


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