My Bridal Shower

I ultimately had the most amazing bridesmaids ever.  Not only are these girls my best friends, they are family to me.  My bridal shower was so elegantly put together- I am so grateful for the day they created for me.


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Because  I was the Bride to Be!


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This sign was displayed on the outside of the room at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort and Spa- where my bridal shower was held! Such a creative way to show people where to go!


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These center pieces were stunning! I loved the use of lanterns to keep it chic, simple and romantic. The baby’s breathe around the bottom definitely gave it a bridal feel.  My bridal party chose to use lavender as the accent color since my colors for the wedding were champagne, ivory and white. It brightened the room up and kept it girly at the same time! I loved it!


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There was a huge gift table at the entrance so it was easy for guests to arrive, drop their gift and start visiting with each other!


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A large tower of cupcakes with gorgeous lavender icing and candy pearls. So feminine and yummy too!


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The favors were a perfume and lotion set for each and every guest!


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My bridal shower was considered a “bridal luncheon”. On the menu was an incredible grilled chicken salad and squash soup! Light for lunch but great with a white or red wine! During the meal, games were played- including “Who knows Kristi best?!” Of course my mother won!


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My handsome groom dropped by to say “hi” and bring me some gorgeous roses on my special day! You can see that he was quite excited for the gifts! (I promise this was a posed photo!- I was incredibly excited he was there!)


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My beautiful bridal party!


I can’t thank my bridesmaids enough for this incredibly special day! It was a day I will never forget!


Check out more bridal shower photos on Instagram: k_hendriks


Photo Credits: The Swanky Paper Doll; Ashley Allbee Photography



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