About The Owner

Hi everyone!

Kristi Hendriks, owner of For The Field Apparel

My name is Kristi Hendriks and I am the owner of For the Field Apparel. It is truly my pleasure to create fan friendly attire for you! I started this company the year my husband was on 5 different teams because I got so tired of buying new team gear everywhere we went. Not only am I wearing the exact same thing as every other person in the stands, but I also hated spending so much money not knowing how long we would be on that particular team!

***To give you an idea: I couldn’t wear Twins gear when we went to the Cubs (for 12 days might I add) I also couldn’t wear Orioles colors when my husband was traded to the Blue Jays. -and oh wait, it doesn’t stop there….

We went from the Blue Jays to the Royals – only to be traded back to the Blue Jays and then to the Oakland A’s. (Not to mention all of the minor league affiliates that never have the same colors as any other team in that organization!)

So at that point, my mission was clear. We needed a place where we could buy neutral color team gear! That way, we could wear it to any game at any level! My mission became: “Whether you are in High A , the MLB, or anywhere in between- you can represent your favorite team anywhere!”

We at For the Field Apparel truly embrace every girl from every walk of life. Our company motto is: Community over Competition. What’s that’s mean to us? It means: let’s celebrate each other, be supportive of one another and always let each other shine. We need to continue to build each other up, instead of break each other down.

Formally known as The Swanky Paper Doll, I am beyond thrilled to take this next step with our brand.I am so thankful to all of you for making my small dream so successful and I truly hope For the Field Apparel meets all of your expectations and more!

Thank you so much for your loyalty and support!


(Kristi is married to MLB pitcher, Liam Hendriks. When not traveling for baseball, they love advocating for animals everywhere.)