The Nudist and New York City

I follow Blake Lively’s style religiously. She is my favorite style icon of our generation. Blake is effortlessly chic and on trend, but still has an old movie star quality about her that makes me a fan of whatever she is wearing.  That’s when I first spotted them. Blake Lively stepped out at “Le Grande Studios” in Cannes, France wearing “The Nudist” by Stuart Weitzman. The IT shoe that is beloved by celebrities and fashion bloggers everywhere.  “The Nudist” features a 4.5″ heel. Not only is it a practical height for everyday wear, it features fawn goosebump textured leather in a variety of colors.

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So of course, for the hottest shoe in Hollywood- I searched New York City.  I knew exactly what I was looking for when I walked into Saks on 5th Ave. I went straight up to the 8th floor and when the elevator doors opened, I was in pure bliss. Designer shoes everywhere…. a dream come true. I located the Stuart Weitzman section and was promptly greeted by a sales clerk. I told him what I was looking for- color (nude) and size – and he quickly brought them back to me. As I was sitting there, trying them on, another girl came in asking for the same shoe but in black.  It made me smile.

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I slipped the shoes on my feet and walked to the mirror. I knew that I loved them once they were on my feet, but of course you aren’t going to buy a car without driving it around the block first.  They were incredibly comfortable and lightweight on my feet. My husband was there and the first thing he said was “Wow, your legs look so long!”— Now, if you don’t know this already, I am only 5’1 on a good day—Getting a compliment like that is like waking up on Christmas morning to the best gift yet!  They were purchased immediately!  🙂

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“The Nudist” by Stuart Weitzman retails for $398.


Photo Credits:;; The Swanky Paper Doll

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