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I love to read articles about how celebrities keep up with their bodies- especially when they are under all of the scrutiny from the public eye. Let’s face it, people can be mean (because they are JEALOUS)  and the candid shots that paparazzi take only fuel that fire.  (Come on, you know people only say negative things about people when they are insecure with themselves! People LOVE to try to bring people down. ) Did you know that it takes the average person over 15 “selfies” to actually find one they are comfortable to post on social media!? Just remember – paparazzi post the worst ones.  It’s how the tabloids stay alive!

One of my favorite celebrity bodies belongs to the GORGEOUS Kate Hudson. She honestly could wear a paper bag and still look stunning. She has two kids, a rockin’ fiancé, movie projects, PTO meetings… I mean the list could go on and on! I had read a while back that she loved doing Pilates and has been doing it for years. She credits her lean figure and being able to bounce back from babies to pilates. I don’t blame her. I LOVE pilates. It’s my favorite workout. In the off season, I try to go to pilates at least 3 times a week! Not only does it tone my body, it helps me to really let go of my stresses and focus at the task on hand- breathing and lengthening while strengthening my muscles.

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With this knowledge, I started Googling “Kate Hudson Pilates”- ya know, to see if she had ever done a workout dvd or anything. She hasn’t- but she was in the process of creating a line of exercise attire at the time. I would check back now and again, and finally it launched! Kate Hudson was now the co-founder of Fabletics- a high quality, affordable yet trendy workout wear company! Her main focus was to make you feel good and look good while working out. Something that didn’t cost you your whole paycheck! Fabletics is a modern, active lifestyle brand that focuses on fit, function, and style!

Fabletics is website based- so in order to have these cute clothes CLICK HERE but I encourage you to first continue reading this post you so get a better idea of how it all works! 🙂

How the website works:

1. Go to and create a lifestyle profile! It’s free and you will take a quiz so that the company can get to know you better. i.e.- how you like to workout, what styles of clothing you like to workout in, etc.

2. Receive personalized outfits each month! Every month, you will receive an email with new outfits that are personally selected for you and the type of workout you do! (I love receiving these emails! It’s so fun to see what is trending that month at Fabletics and it gets me excited to get a new outfit to workout in!)

3. Next you can choose to buy the outfit/outfits or just skip that month altogether! There is never any obligation to buy!


I love this company so much that I signed up for the VIP membership. My bank account is charged every month $49.95 and I am able to pick an outfit by the 5th for a total of 40% savings each time! (This works for me because I am an avid online shopper and would definitely buy their product either way! This way I save 40%) If I don’t want anything that month, because I either want to save my money or because I just don’t like the styles, I can reply to the email by clicking the “Skip the Month” button and my bank account is not charged! If I forget to click the button, I accrue a credit for $49.95 (since it was withdrawn from my bank account) and can redeem it anytime for a new outfit!

Here are a few of my super cute outfits so far! I’m obsessed!

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Each outfit comes with 3 pieces. You can also alter the colors on the outfit you choose! It’s so fun! I dare you all to try it out! 😉


Photo Credits:; The Swanky Paper Doll

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