Make a STATEMENT… with a little bauble.

Face it ladies, you can turn a plain outfit into a killer outfit with the right piece of jewelry.

This is truly one of my favorite ways to dress up my casual everyday look! Some women love to add stacks of bangles or awesome earrings, but as much as I love both of those ways- my favorite is with a statement necklace.

Being at the baseball field pretty much daily to support my husband makes dressing nice a challenge. As much as I love being girly and trying to dress really fab- it gets tough.  Who wants to sit outside in the middle of the summer heat in anything but shorts and a tank top? And honestly, how many of you actually want to get “dressed up” every single day? I love feeling comfortable in my own skin and not having to plan a whole outfit days ahead- whether for work or for play. I know that I love a comfy pair of distressed jeans with a plain top and a pair of Tory Burch flip flops- it’s when I feel most like myself!

So instead of trying to put together ensembles everyday, I simply add a piece of statement jewelry. Try it!  I feel like it completely changes my outfit! Whether dressing up a boring pencil skirt and white blouse to my jeans and t-shirt look, I know that a statement necklace will do just the trick! (One of my favorite places to pick up statement necklaces is at J. Crew. They always have a ton of options and they keep up with the seasons!)

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Photo: J.Crew statement necklace paired with a cross necklace from Stella & Dot.


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