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About a year ago, my husband and I got involved with a charity that is near and dear to our hearts. We had been searching for a charity to affiliate ourselves with that was based around animals. My husband and I are both avid animal lovers and somehow, through the baseball world, we heard about a newer charity organization called “Players for Pits”. I reached out to the founder and after talking with my husband, we knew we wanted to get involved! Here is some background information about Players for Pits- I hope it touches your hearts just as much as it touched ours. 🙂

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Players for Pits was created by Stephanie Paluch and Ryan Copeland, a former baseball player for the St. Louis Cardinals organization. PFP is a non-profit rescue that connects the community with professional athletes who take a stand against abuse and neglect of animals while serving the suburbs of Chicago. (Yes, the name of the organization has the breed of pitbulls in it, but they are not the only type of dog that the organization rescues.) Players for Pits mission is to stand up for those who are abused and to educate owners about the proper care of dogs. PFP rescues from high rate kill shelters and places the dogs in loving homes. The right care can make any dog a wonderful pet.  Preventing further cruelty and pet abandonment is one of the main goals at PFP.

I want to encourage you all to learn more about this incredible non-profit organization. Please visit Players for Pits to learn more about how you can become involved- there are so many ways! Not only could you adopt one of these beautiful dogs- you could help foster! Donations are always great as well! The money from your donations goes towards training, food, vaccinations and other medical care, along with numerous other things!

Another way to help spread the word about this amazing rescue is by purchasing a t-shirt! The money goes straight to vetting the dogs that come into PFP during the month of August! Click Here to get yours today!

If you have any questions about how to become involved and/or how you can help, please email:

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(This sweet girl is named Miley. She is the Players for Pits mascot. 🙂 )

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  • Debbie Hendriks

    July 21, 2014 at 12:05 am

    Proud of you guys for looking after these beautiful creatures.

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