My Man is Such an All-Star

What an incredible past week my husband and I have had!

As a lot of you know, this season has been a very different one for us. The entire time I had dated my husband, he was with one baseball organization. Since our honeymoon, we have now been with a total of 4. That’s not abnormal in baseball- it just was a definite change for us. We were with one team for almost 7 seasons- so to go from one team to four teams in about a span of 2 months- it’s crazy!

This year has been an incredible season for my husband though and I truly couldn’t be any prouder. Not only is he pitching well, he is more at ease and confident on the mound and it is paying off in dividends. He is such a strong, wonderful man- and for that I am so thankful!

My husband was a mid-season select All-Star for the Triple A All-Star game which was held in the gorgeous city of Durham, NC. What an amazing experience! We started out by flying to Durham on Monday morning and checking into the gorgeous Washington Duke Inn which is located just off the campus of the one and only Duke University. After we got settled in, we got ready to watch the Home Run Derby. Durham has this really awesome bull statue out in left field and if you hit the bull with a homerun- the whole stadium gets a free steak. Clever, right? Liam obviously, didn’t participate in the derby, but it was still a fun experience to be a part of! It was definitely a great kick-off event for the All-Star festivities at hand!

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The following day Liam had to go to the field for a workout so I just hung around the hotel. They have a ton of Duke history in the halls of the hotel so it was really awesome seeing all of memorabilia. Later that night, we had to All- Star Gala. It was really fun meeting some of the other players and their wives that made the team. Baseball is really small community and not a lot of women get your lifestyle- so it is great getting to know more wives! The Gala was gorgeous. They had amazing food and entertainment- and it was really fun to get dressed up with my beau. 😉

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The last day of the All-Star game was the actual game itself. I had an amazing seat right behind home plate and Liam had the honors of actually being the starter for the game! (Yes, I know he is always a starter, but with a few starters selected to go to the All-Star game- you can only choose one to start this game- and him getting that honor was so incredible!) Liam pitched two awesome innings! I was so nervous the whole time! (And yes, we have been together forever but I still get nervous!) I couldn’t believe all of the encouragement people were sending us through Facebook and text messages! We truly have some of the best friends ever!

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Our special night was capped off with Liam winning the MVP award for the International League! It was such a moment of shock and awe, I don’t think I will ever forget it! You always go into these situations hoping for the best but that was incredible! Not only did he pitch well and win the MVP award- we also won the game! It was such a fun night!

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(and yes, the bat is upside down…. we were so excited- we didn’t notice! Whoops! haha!)

Being with Liam and riding this life out together has been one of the biggest blessing ever bestowed on me! I am so grateful that I get to spend the rest of my life with this incredible man! Thanks for the memories, babe. 😉

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