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I am so sorry that I am been MIA lately. I know there is no excuse…. since I have the BEST followers, but I have made a lot of changes in my life lately. Not just with myself and the new endeavors that I am taking on, but with EVERYTHING as of late.

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First off, Spring Training is in full force. We are in Fort Myers again with the Minnesota Twins and couldn’t be happier. This year we are focusing on a full season, no pain, and a really low ERA. 😉 Liam had to report on the 12th of February and they start games this Saturday. It is crazy to think that we are already back into the swing of baseball. I am kind of still in denial about it all. We had such a great off season and traveled a ton- and while that was great- it made off season really fly for us! Liam is happy to be back on the mound again though, and to be honest, it is nice to get back to the “normal” way of things.

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And next of all, I have started a new business! I am now a personal stylist for Stella & Dot! I can’t believe I finally took the leap. I have been thinking about doing it for a long time now, but held off as Liam concentrated on his sport and I helped him on his journey. But now- now, it is time to shine! LITERALLY! Stella  & Dot is a great business for the traveling woman (aka me) and I think it is a great opportunity for me to have something just for myself! I have really enjoyed starting it… even though it takes a village to start a business! The Stella & Dot community has really made me feel at home! You can make your own hours- it’s kind of like the more time you put into it- the more you get out of it. It lets me still live my life and travel with my fiance but be financially independent as well! Whoo hoo! And who doesn’t love a little bit of extra jewelry in their daily life…..? Exactly.

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Liam and I also filmed a slot for a news story in Minnesota on “baseballers outside of baseball”. It was SO fun! They came over to our house and we welcomed them with open arms… though Rocco (our chihuahua) did not. They got to ask us questions about our life, our wedding, and of course our pets! We had such a fun time with them! It airs tonight on NBC- so if you are in Minnesota- please take a moment to watch and enjoy! We hope you like it as much as we do! Our pets stole the show! 🙂 You can see Rocco in the background on his best behavior. 😉

Keep up with you soon! xo

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