Nail Polish Problems

I LOVE getting my nails done. To be honest, you could probably hear me shouting from the rooftops in happiness when shellac and gel manicures were brought onto the market. Finally something that would stick on my nails!  Now wait- let’s back track. Normal nail polish is for the birds. Well probably not for everyone, but definitely for me. I have the worst time trying to keep a normal nail polish on my nails. It doesn’t matter if I do it myself or pay the salon to get a manicure and sit under the dryer for half an hour. By tomorrow night- it will be chipping off.

I have done a little bit of research. Most people say that my nails are too oily or not oily enough…. some say I have a bad nail structure or that they are exposed to too much water.  Now I will agree that instead of the normal nail growing down or out, mine do grow upwards, but I don’t keep them long enough for that to create an honest problem. And yes, I am a germ-a-phob, so I do overly wash my hands but come on- can’t a woman get a good manicure with trust that her polish is going to stay put?!

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This is why I love shellac and gel polishes. They dry instantly after being set under the light and they last about 2 weeks for me. On the normal person, they can last up to a month. Hell yea! This is exciting news when you have some serious nail polish problems like mine. I can’t wait until they start making more colors! Since my first shellac manicure, I will say that they have a ton of colors now in the salons versus the 8 I had to choose from then…. but I still want more! A girl can never have too many options.

But if you a girl who loves a regular manicure and not shellac, I did find a website that may be able to trouble shoot your nail polish problems! I hope this helps you! Check It Out! Never hurts to have more knowledge on the situation! 🙂

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