Say “Thanks” like you mean it…

It is the end of the holiday season now and after opening up all of those fantastic gifts and cards, now comes the dreaded time of writing off “Thank You” notes. Now- you see- I never actually “dread” writing a note of thanks to the ones that thought about me over the holidays… it’s just that sometimes, well, I feel really overwhelmed.

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I always question how much to write… I feel like saying “Dear Sally- thank you for the necklace. Love, Kristi” is just not enough. But then- do I start this long letter and ask them how their kids are doing in school only to wrap up with ” cool- talk to ya later”. Yea, it is overwhelming. Today I thought that it was only right to help you through this- and since I just went through the holidays myself and an engagement party- I have a TON of “Thank You’s” to write out. Here is a way to help make the process a little bit easier.

1. Start out with a casual opening comment. (Example: “It was so great of you to attend Liam and I’s engagement party on Saturday night!”)

2. Name the detail that impressed you. (Example: the fact that they took time out of their busy schedule, or for a gift they gave you- such as this- “Thank you for the gorgeous photo album that you gave us!”)

3. Say why she got the gift right. (Example: continuing on about the photo album- “I cannot wait to fill it with all of the pictures from tonight! Photos last a lifetime!”)

4. Bring on a second opinion to compliment her taste: (Example: “Liam loves it and his mother couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful it was.”)

5. Explain where or how you will be using it next: (Example: “Once we get back to the States, I can’t wait to go through my camera and print out the best photos to fill it with.”

Then sign off as usual.  xx- Kristi and Liam

Now this gets a little trickier with a money gift but here is an example of how I would write a thank you note for that.

“Dear Sally-

It was so nice seeing you Saturday night for our engagement party!  Thank you so much for the generous money gift that you gave us! We cannot wait to use this towards our wedding!  Our wedding is going to be extra beautiful with this gift and we cannot wait for you to be there on November 23rd when we say “I Do”. Thank you so much for thinking of us and this exciting time ahead!

xx- Kristi and Liam”

Simply stated. Now how hard was that?

So ladies- don’t sweat the small stuff when it comes to writing notes to say “Thanks”. I know for a fact that a “Thank You” note is a BIG DEAL. When I don’t get one, I am always left feeling like all this hard work in choosing a gift was wasted and not appreciated. So ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS- write a thank you note!  Don’t be lazy!

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