… I’d rather wear colette…

… baby-, I’d rather wear Colette.

Now- who is Colette, I know all of you Americans are thinking? Colette Hayman is the founder of “colette” which is one of the hottest retail chains in Australia and New Zealand. She has developed over 70 stores in just a little over 2 years. Amazing right?

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I was introduced to the store “colette” this year by an amazing friend in Australia. Up’s to you, Lana! (Thanks a million-xo) We were sitting at Baseball Park one night and we were talking about our love of fashion and I was showing her this cheap, little change purse I got when I was in London to keep track of all my coins. (For all of you who don’t know, coins really add up in foreign countries as they are actual dollars instead of just always nickels). Anyways- we were laughing at my “I <3 London” coin purse when she said- “You must go to colette! They have get little change purses- I am sure you would love it!” With that- the next day, I had my lovely fiance drive me to the nearest colette store. It was like walking into paradise! The store was definitely made for me!

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Colette carries all kinds of accessories! From totes to purses to lip gloss and belts! You want it this store has it…. and it is all done at an affordable price! As I was browsing the store- in which I wanted to buy EVERYTHING- I found lip gloss and phone cases even…. but the walls…. oh lover, those walls are lined with jewelry! Talk about colorful!

In the end- (after about spending an hour in the store debating on what to buy and what not to buy) my fiance finally came and made me make my decisions. I ended up with a couple cocktail rings, 3 amazing chunky necklaces, 3 pairs of amazingly gaudy earrings, a notebook with an “H” on it for all of my wedding planning, and of course an awesome coral clutch. I was in seventh heaven in that store! Damn, I wish we had them in the States!

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My mother-in-law and sister-in-law to be surprised me with a tote since it had the “H” on it, as well, so I could carry around all of my wedding contracts, goodies, ideas, etc. Gotta have the “H” for the Mrs. Hendriks-to-be!

Visit the online store at colettehayman.com.au

I am sure you will fall in love with something!

Photo Credits: westfield.com.au; crylilsister.blogspot.com

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