Babies and Clutches…

Friends! I know I promised a blog yesterday on my previous “Red Carpet” blog but I just couldn’t find the time to do it…. I am so sorry. But there is a very happy reason as to why- swear. One of my closest girlfriends had a baby girl yesterday! Welcome to the world Emma Grace! Congratulations to my friend Tiffany and her husband Mike in the completion of their family! It was such an exciting day!

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Onwards and upwards to what you have all been waiting for… my favorite clutch at the Golden Globe Awards. I love myself a great accessory and a clutch is one way to play it up right. With so many new styles coming out this season, a great clutch may be the only accessory you need sometimes.

And the winner is…..

Nicole Richie with her own House of Harlow design!

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While wearing designer Naeem Khan and looking lovely in ice blue, I think Nicole perfectly paired her snakeskin clutch with the rhinestone snake head latch and metal fringe to her gown. It took the dress from a soft, ice fairy princess and added a little bit of a darker side to it. Kudos Nicole, this clutch is to die for!  You can find this clutch and many clutches like this on – she has some amazing accessories! I love her designs and how adorable that her amazing company is named after her sweet little girl. Family marketing at it’s best.

Check back tomorrow for some awesome accessory information from the designer from down under- Collette.  If you don’t know her already…. you are missing out!

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