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Engagement Shoot Day

This month has been crazy. With family traveling down, spring training in full effect, and our wedding coming up in the off season…. we have had a lot going on.

With our wedding right around the corner, I thought I would share some of my favorite engagement photos with you guys! We had such a fun time shooting with our favorite photographer, Ashley Allbee. We wanted a nice romantic feel but something that would express us as a couple, so we decided to do a baseball, elegant theme.

Ashley found this amazing field and we trudged out in my high heels to shoot! They turned out AMAZING! (Changing clothing in the field is a challenge- but totally worth it, btw)

Here ya go- Enjoy!


Ashley is a master. She definitely creates a love story with her lens- Please click HERE to visit her website and use her today!

Have a great end of Spring everyone! Talk soon!


Photo Credits: Ashley Allbee

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