Origins definitely has Clear Improvement

My skin goes crazy during baseball season. Between greasy foods, soda, a not so regular sleep schedule and all of the crazy flights- my skin is in desperate need of a pick me up.  And if you have read my blog before or this your first time stopping by- I love a good face mask.

I have tried many over the years but one of my all time favorites is the Origins Clear Improvement Facial Mask. It contains active charcoal which helps clear your pores. It kind of acts like a magnet and draws out all of the gunk that resides in my deep, large pores. (and before you panic- the charcoal additive scared me too when I read it on the bottle. I didn’t want my face to burn when I put it on or dry me out too much. I promise you- I would not steer you wrong. I was beyond pleasantly surprised when I used this product for the first time and now it is a part of my weekly routine.)

Here is how I use it:

First- make sure this is product you have in your hands. If you accidentally picked up the wrong mask and this isn’t the bottle you have- these directions will not work for you.

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Next step: I always wash my face first. Even though the mask does remove the junk on your face- you want to start with a clean face. Take off the day with your favorite cleanser! (my favorite is Clinique Liquid Mild Facial Cleanser)

After you blot your face dry with a towel- I pick up the bottle of Origins Clear Improvement Facial Mask and give it a general shake. Nothing crazy- I just like to make sure the mixture isn’t separated. Then I run a washcloth under warm (not hot!) water and squeeze out the access. I place the washcloth on my face for about 10 seconds to open up my pores so it can fully accept the mask!

Then I layer it on! Yes- you read right, I LAYER it on!  Some masks you want a thin layer- but this mask, I put on thick.

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Allow the whole mask to dry. For me, it usually takes 20 minutes. So grab your remote and catch up on some Real Housewives and relax….!

Once fully dry- make sure you rinse well. I personally do not use soap to wash my face after a mask because I like to feel the tightness and freshness that the mask helped to create!

***What I love most about this mask is the fact that it doesn’t dry you out and it definitely helps clean out and shrink your pores. I have used many face masks over the years but this one is now a staple in this crazy baseball lifestyle. It makes your skin so smooth. The following days after I have used the mask, my skin feels youthful and recharged and my makeup looks smoother on my face. I encourage you all to try it!

(after shot with smooth skin and makeup!)

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Photo Credits: The Swanky Paper Doll




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