2 Minute Hair Fix

I gave you my 7 minutes to a flawless face post- here comes 2 minutes to fame worthy locks! (and if you missed it, click on the Primp button on the side column and it will be under the makeup tab!)

I know that everyone loves to look “put together” when they are going to grab a quick coffee with girlfriends or even heading out to the office in the morning….but let’s be honest… I would rather hit snooze and have the extra 10 minutes to sleep instead of getting up to curl my hair! 

Here is my quick fix to having fame worthy hair within 2 minutes of your morning routine!

First off- grab a large hair band…. ya know, one that runners wear to keep fly-aways from falling out of their pony tail.

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Brush out your hair and place the band on the crown of your head like so:

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Gather all of your hair together while the band is still on the crown of your head.

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Twist your hair behind you in a long line like so:

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Finally, pull the hair up and roll under the band at the base of the head. Tuck in as tight or as loosely as you would like.

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And there you have it- 2 minutes to fame worthy hair!

Everyone loves when I do my hair like this and when I show them how easy it is they die! Everyone thinks it takes FOREVER and about faint when I say it took 2 minutes!








One comment on “2 Minute Hair Fix

  • Cassy

    April 24, 2014 at 4:25 pm

    I need to pick up some more of these headbands. I can’t find mine. I seriously had a dream the other night that I did my hair like this. I must try it.

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