Tip of the Week: Don’t let your washcloth be your science experiment

Let’s be honest: the whole point of a washcloth is to cleanse your body or face, right? So why would you use the same washcloth every single day without changing it out?

With this thought comes my “Tip of the Week”- Don’t let your washcloth become your science experiment.

Unfortunately for me, and my OCD tendencies- nothing is ever “germ-free”. Even a towel fresh from the dryer is carrying some type of bacteria on it.  You come home from a long day and just want to wash your face, right? You simply take a washcloth from the cabinet and wash your face and you leave it out to dry on the towel rack. Seems harmless enough, right?  Wrong.

When your washcloth is left to “air dry” it gives a chance for bacteria to grow and spread. Add that to the fact that when you use a washcloth you are rubbing off dead skin cells. (Food for bacteria- hello?!)  So tomorrow you are going to use that same washcloth FULL of bacteria and gunk and rub it all over your face again? How is your face getting clean?

My quick solution is to use a new washcloth every single time you wash your face. I know that sounds absurd but I promise the benefits for your face will go beyond noticeable. You can simply go to Target or Walmart and buy a stack of 8-12 washcloths for under $5. The difference will amaze you! Promise!

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(The same goes for when you wash your kiddos- new washcloths daily.)

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