London City Stay? Okay!

December 1st- keep focusing on December 1st.

Girls trip to London starts December 1st. I cannot wait. Not only am I planning on meeting Kate Middleton and becoming a part of the royal family, I am going with an amazing group of girls! How could it get any better? Prince Harry is still single, Windsor Castle, fascinators, and pubs on every corner…. yea, I thought you would agree. And you can’t forget those amazing boots and scarves I get to wear in the London winter. Yey! FASHION! With my love of fashion, I also can’t wait to go to Harrods. Whoa mama! Great stores everywhere. Pumped.

So how did this come about? WELL-  a close girlfriend and I try to go on one “girls only” vacation once a year. Last year, we did Boston…. Which was AMAZING but this year we talked about doing a lot of different things. Another AMAZING girlfriend got in contact with me (since she just recently moved back to Cali) and said ” We need to do a vacation reunion!” With this, I started looking into trips and found an amazing city stay week in London for a great price! I couldn’t believe it! I spoke with the girls and we decided that it was a genius idea- so why shouldn’t we do it? A few phone calls to GO AHEAD tours later and you have some happy girls on your hands that cannot wait for this trip! Include my future sister-in-law and you have a perfect party group that cannot wait to get their “pub” on in the city!

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Now we won’t be only “pub crawling”- there are so many things to do in the city! We are touring Windsor Castle- which has been the British Royal Family’s preferred retreat for the past 900 years! Can you believe that? It was founded by William the Conquerer in 1070. Holy moly, that is sooooo long ago! There are royal treasures on display throughout the castle- I am hoping to get a glimpse on Kate’s wedding dress! Also, in Windsor Castle, is St. George’s Chapel. Yep, if you watch the Tudors you know who I am talking about…. King Henry the VIII is buried there.  After all of his wives, including the infamous Anne Boleyn, he requested to be buried there next to his 3rd wife, Jane Seymour. I cannot wait to see all of this history!

Another excursion we could go on would be that of Stonehenge and Bath. Stonehenge is perhaps one of England’s (well the one of the world’s) most mysterious landmarks. The purpose of this structure is unknown, though most believe it to have possibly been a temple and/or an observatory. Then after this, on to Bath…. which is named after the wonderfully preserved Roman baths! Cannot wait to see all of this in REAL life! Truly blessed! 🙂

I definitely want to see Westminster Abbey while I am in London as well. Not only did Prince William and Kate Middleton get married there (which I woke up to watch at 3am that year) but- Princess Diana’s funeral was held there as well. I watched that on tv when I was a child- wow, how time flies. Westminster Abbey has also held every royal coronation, with the exception of a few, there since 1066. So much history in those walls- if only they could talk.

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I cannot wait to spend some quality time with a few of the most amazing girls in one of the most historical places in the world. I am truly blessed to be able to go on this trip and I am hoping time flies and the trip comes soon. From London I will be traveling to Australia to spend over a month with Liam’s family- they are also throwing us an engagement party! Details on that coming soon!

Until then…

Listening to: Crystal Waters- “100% Pure Love” <—- I can’t help it! It is playing downstairs at Pride Week in Minneapolis. And trust me, I am not complaining!

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