Keep Calm and Virgo On… with a wedding?

Yep, I’m a Virgo…. and PROUD of it. Does that make me fussy, indecisive, anal retentive, obsessive compulsive and annoying? Yep. But does that also mean I am dedicated, sympathetic, organized, kind, charming and reliable? Hell yes- among many other traits. 🙂

So how in the heck am I going to handle planning my wedding? I am already having cold sweats thinking about it and typing this. I mean, I have a great fiance- I guess that’s a start…. but all of the other little details. Ugh. I can’t even begin to fathom “all the other little details”.

First off we were going to get married in Naples (where we live in the off season.) Then once discussing the RIDICULOUS cost of the wedding (if we held it there) with a wedding planner who apparently assumed I had money growing on trees in my backyard, we opted for a destination wedding. With Liam being from Australia and his family still being there- we thought Hawaii. It would cut down on the flying time for his family and allow more of them to come. All was fine and dandy- then we found out Hawaii was not all-inclusive and pretty much it would cost about the same to get married at home as it would there, if not more. Then you add on all the traveling expenses… don’t even get me started on that nightmare.

So we are back to Naples- which I actually couldn’t be happier about. That means I can actually be involved in the planning of my wedding and not just “trusting” the Four Season staff to do it in Hawaii without me seeing a thing until I arrive the week of. Being a Virgo and not being in control- yea, okay- that’s never a good combination.

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Thanks to amazing friends, we scored the prettiest venue in Southwest Florida for a fraction of the cost. We couldn’t be more pleased. I can’t wait to start planning the actual wedding since we have set the date ( 11-23-13) and have the venue! Or- can I? Thinking about the crazy prices a wedding involves makes me shiver- let alone picking my bridal party. How can you choose someone to stand beside you during the most monumental moment of your life? Of course a few of my girlfriends come to mind- but how to actually narrow it down? If I could, I would have about 6 ladies…. but Liam will only have 3 guys. I don’t want to make him pick “fill-ins” just so I can have a huge wedding party to satisfy my girlfriends and not make them feel left out.

I have some of the best girlfriends a girl could ask for. I want all of them to be included but I just can’t do that, ya know? Do you pick straws? It’s insane to think of your wedding day, let alone the girls you share it with when you are zipping up your dress and sliding on your shoes. How do you ever narrow down your list?

I need some advice ladies.

Listening to: Billy Idol- White Wedding

2 comments on “Keep Calm and Virgo On… with a wedding?

  • Kristina

    June 19, 2012 at 4:56 am

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Its going to be the wedding of the century!

  • Jessica

    June 19, 2012 at 8:42 am

    You know my thoughts on this subject already. We all love you very much and in speaking for myself I would rather you choose one of the other girls who would be heartbroken over not being chosen. I will still be there over the next year and a half to watch you pick out your dress and help you with what ever you need. I will also be dammed if I won’t be standing in your bridal sweet while your zipping up that dress, because as you know, no one can lighten a mood and unstress you like I can! 🙂 I love you lots and will always respect your decisions! (Now get married already! Lol)!
    Ps- I love Billy Idol 🙂

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