Bridal Showers and Mustache Straws

I am OBSESSED with Pinterest… and I am about 99% sure I am not the only one! I seriously could sit and scan through Pinterest all day- which I have done before- clicking on things I never would have ever thought I liked! Example: the food page. I have found all of these amazing recipes that I have ACTUALLY tried out for me and the fiance! They were fantastic… well- all but one, but we won’t get into that.

I have boards for everything…. literally. I have of course the typical “My Style” (which has inspired many of the outfits that are hanging in my closet right now), an “I’m Engaged!” page (because 1. I actually am, and 2. how can you not pin wedding stuff?!), a “Yum” page which has some amazing recipes on it, and so forth. You should really check out my page! I think you would all enjoy.

But in saying this- my most favorite page right now is the “Shower Me Girly” page. It is and was what inspired my best friend Sunny’s bridal shower that I threw this past Saturday at the Ritz-Carlton in Naples Florida. I truly was so honored and blessed to be able to throw her the best shower I could possibly hope for. It was pink, black and white- all colors of the wedding! I had an amazing candy bar set up with all different types of candy and even cotton candy hanging from branches! I had mini burgers and cones of french fries, delicious cupcakes (they look exactly the same on the board as they did at the shower!) and of course, wine and champagne!

I found really amazing (and cheap!) finds on – including a personal mailbox with their name and wedding date written on it (to collect cards on their wedding day) and fabulous pink and white swirled mustache straws that I used in the champagne glasses when I was giving my toast! I really thought I was going to be able to hold it together but I cried, and so did Sunny- and well, the majority of the room at that point.

I have been friends with Sunny for almost 10 years- which in girl time is a lifetime! I couldn’t have been blessed with a better friend. She has always been there for me no matter what. It is so nice to always know that no matter what mess I get myself into, what madness occurs, or who hurts my feelings- I can pick up the phone and dial her number and she will be there to listen and make me laugh. I am truly so lucky to have her in my life and so thankful that she invited me to be her maid of honor and let me share in the biggest day of her life. I hope everyone has a friend like Sunny- because if you do, you are an amazingly blessed individual.

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