hey kids- your corner is over there.

As you all know- I’m getting married! Obviously, it is still a long  time away but a girl like me likes to be prepared. I have already started collecting all kinds of stuff for my wedding and keep it in Tupperware bins labeled (of course). I wanted to share a few ideas with you over some blog posts about certain issues you need to deal with before or during your wedding.

Today’s topic- KIDS.

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First off- do you even invite them? People have “kid free” weddings all the time. Due to the need of constant supervision some parents choose to find a sitter whether the kids are invited or not. I have decided that, YES- we are inviting the children! I mean, how can you not when they add creative spunk to your wedding album and can be the life of the party on the dance floor? I also plan on having a flower girl and ring bearer- so the more the merrier.


I am going to entertain them! I have already started shopping for items to have in a “treasure chest” in the back corner of the reception area. Stocking up on foam swords and bejeweled crowns are a must and can be easily found at your local dollar store. Oriental trading also has some amazing finds (think finger puppets for the ceremony to keep them quiet and engaged) and bubbles to blow at each other while the music plays on at your reception!

Also- kid friendly food. Think easy stuff- chicken fingers and fries, pizza, etc- to prevent any meltdowns that may come your way. When sending out RSVP’s have them reply if they are bringing children, and how many, so you can talk with you caterer ahead of time. These meals usually cost about half of the price as adult meals anyway- saving you money as well…. sign me up!

I also went online to Etsy.com and ordered crayons to have at the children’s tables! They say “Liam loves Kristi” and the wrappers are in our wedding colors. Only $7 for 24 crayons… scatter them on the table during dinner (ask your reception site to cover the kids tables with baking paper over the linens) and pow! an entertaining space for children to color and doodle while waiting to eat! You can add stamps and stickers as well- whatever you want to do to make it more fun, festive, and creative for the kids! Take A Look!

And- during the toast… I really wanted to do something special for them. I know they can’t have champagne and so usually while the toasts are going on the kids get really bored and start to become restless. This interrupts a great time and at times can become quite a spectacle. Not at my wedding folks! I am going to have the waiter serve their table milk in a plastic flute with a cookie on top! Not only is this a treat for them and keeps them entertained, it also let the parents enjoy their night!

Some people (who have it within their budget) are renting out separate rooms at their reception location and creating VIP rooms- including movies, popcorn, games, and round the clock nanny care (fully background checked, of course). You can look into a nanny service in your area to see what they would charge or hire from a kiddie bash event site such as – Elegant Event Sitters.

All in all- you want to enjoy the biggest night of your life and have your friends and family enjoy it too! I hope a few of my little tips and tricks will help you during your big day!

Listening to:  MGMT- “Kids”

One comment on “hey kids- your corner is over there.

  • Autumn

    July 23, 2012 at 6:24 pm

    Too funny! We had a kids table at our wedding, with custom personalized coloring books, kid snacks, little gift baggies with silly bands, baseball tattoos. ha they were in the corner but loved it!

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