Dream Closet…literally- in my dreams.

Oh dream closet- how I long for you. A closet with built-ins for absolutely everything I own…. a center island that would house all of my drawers for my smaller items. Mirrors everywhere and an ottoman for comfort. What I wouldn’t do to have you.  Kinda like Khloe Kardashian Odom’s closet below:

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But let’s get back to reality. I live in a townhouse with a pretty good size walk-in. I’ve built shoe shelves and I even have wall shelves down one side for jeans and things like that. I’m pretty happy with the here and now- as long as I keep it clean. 🙂

I was doing laundry the other day… ya know, the typical dreaded day of the week in which I loathe the most. I fold the basic t-shirts, jeans, pj’s, swimsuits, undies and bras and those go in a huge dresser. It truly is HUGE. Six MASSIVE drawers that are so deep I could probably get in and hide in the fetal position if they were empty and there was an intruder in my house. When we got the dresser, I told my fiance he could have half and I could have half… that didn’t last too long. With him being gone for baseball, I have kinda taken over- but SHH- don’t tell him that. 😉

But back to the closet. So I hang a ton of stuff. I HATE ironing- so if I can pull stuff out of the dryer and directly hang it up so there are barely any wrinkles, that’s what I do. As I was doing this the other day, I began to look up and down in my closet, amused at all of the things I have collected over the months. (Now mind you, I MEGA clean my closet about every 4 months to make room for other goodies I find randomly along my travels and trips to the shopping malls.) But on this day, I stopped in my tracks.

LADIES- how many times do we go to our closet and think “I have NOTHING to wear!”

Yet- by looking in our closets, we have enough to fill a small boutique!?

I couldn’t believe how selfish I was being! In all the times that I would yell down the stairs to my fiance ” I have nothing to wear- I hate my clothes!”  I began to think about how I felt when I bought that amazing knit shirt from Nordstrom that I swore I would wear all the time. Yea, I’ve only worn it ONCE. How ridiculous I have been! I’m kind of mortified.

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So I have decided- no more negative when I enter my closet! I am going to wear everything I own! Layering always brings new life to an old item- I am a HUGE fan of layering! I challenge all of you ladies to walk into your closet today and pretend you are walking into a brand new boutique and wear something that you haven’t worn in months! Add a belt to spice it up- it gives that shirt a new lease on life! I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

Listening to: Justin Bieber: “As Long As You Love Me”

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