Oh telephone…

I’ve been MIA from blogging for awhile…. mostly because I have been super busy. My best friend got married, another two good friends got married, my fiance plays baseball out of state, and then my grandfather had a heart attack. What a past 2 weeks I tell ya.

But today, after preparing for the hurricane (that probably will not even hit our state) and flooding the family room with a carpet cleaning system that obviously had a leak…. I’ve honestly had enough.

It lead me to think about things happening around me lately….the good, the bad, and the… well let’s just call it “the bullshit.” As an adult, you really can’t get around any of it. As much as you want everything to be perfect—- it really never will be. Learn to love what you have and be thankful for what you do have…. because honey, I promise- there are people out there who have way less than you and are WAY happier.

Do you remember that game you played in grade school, where everyone sat in a circle and there was a leader who started the whisper of-  “My dog peed on the carpet”- and by the time it got back to that person it was- “Lizzie’s dog puked on the curtain and was sent to Mars on a spaceship.” Seriously, do you guys remember this?

Yea, before you ever believe anyone that says anything about anyone…. remember that little game from grade school. You may be missing out on a really great person and friend by believing fake people along the way. I think we can say we have all met our share of fake people…. and it’s not pretty. It might not even be that person’s fault… I mean, look at the game for instance. The last person who tells the story had no clue what the first person said. BUT- where they make a mistake, is repeating it in the first place. I’ve even been this girl…. and when it turns on you…. you realize just what a mistake you made when you did the same thing once before.

So with all the “bullshit” I’ve been handed lately…. here is my sincere apology for anyone that I’ve hurt along the way by listening to the gossip and passing it along. Can you say the same about yourself? Make the pledge that you won’t be a part of problem anymore…. even if you are surrounded by gossip all the time?

I hope you can. Be the bigger person. Apologize even if they won’t accept it. Keep your mouth shut when you should. I promise- if may not be easy, but you will definitely sleep better at night knowing you did the right thing.


Quote of the day: ” The stuff you hear about me might be true, then again, it could be as fake as the person who told you….”

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