…Oh lonely night…. the stars are brightly shining….

Another night alone.


Gosh- isn’t being a baseball wife grand? I mean, let’s be honest, hotdogs 162 times a year and getting into amazing ballparks is great and all…. but most of the time…. the other side of my bed is empty. You finally find someone to share your life with and  yet they are never there. Stressful? Yes. Not fun? Yes. Lonely? HELL YES.

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I find things to bid my time- writing this blog for example- but in the end, I still have to bed at some point and face the fact that when I roll over, my fiance isn’t there. And baseball ladies- we aren’t the only ones. Many of you that are reading this blog – your men are gone at night too. Whether it is that they work midnights, play a professional sport or travel for work- their side of the bed is empty. And I am only lonely 6 months out of the year (with trips in between)- I honestly can’t imagine what it is like to have your husband deployed. My heart goes out to all of you. BUT- I will say this- each and every one of us are stronger because of it. I PROMISE you that.

Just wanted to let you all know I was thinking about you tonight. We are not alone- we’ve got each other.

Listening to: Kelly Clarkson-” Stronger”

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