The Cell Phone and You

Cell phones- Are they helping or hindering you?

Let’s think back to the last time you went out with your girlfriends for happy hour. How many of your friends  (or you- and be HONEST) were checking their messages, facebooking, instagramming, or texting people? The list goes on. I mean, cell phones are great. I grew up before cell phones were affordable for the average family and just weren’t that popular. I didn’t even have my own that wasn’t prepaid until college. My parents found no need for one. If I were in a situation that was sketchy and required a cell phone, then I shouldn’t be in that situation in the first place. My parents were huge on calling from the person’s house I was “supposed” to be at and they had caller ID to prove it.

Now let’s step back into this day and age. A time that is run by social media. I love being able to see what my friends from my hometown are up to. Who is married, who is having babies, etc….. but is that something I need to be doing when I am at happy hour, catching up with my girlfriends that are in the here and now?  It’s not. It’s rude. It’s saying, without saying, ” Hey, you are here spending time with me, but I want to see what everyone else is up to instead.” You probably don’t even mean for it to come off that way- I know that I don’t- but really, come on now!?

Not only is picking up a cell phone rude in the middle of dinner but it can cause for mindless eating too! Cell phones can actually hinder your weight loss goals!

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Think about it-  you are at the gym. You  have your phone on the treadmill with you because you have your music playlist on it. You’ve got a good groove going and you are almost to your first mile and you look at your phone to change the song and see that your friend text you. More often than not, you will slow down so you can open your text message and read it…. and there goes the rest of your workout. Having a texting conversation has totally gotten you off track!  I suggest buying an iPod (you can get them used just about anywhere online) and get back to sweating! Lock that cell phone in your locker and get your butt moving. That text will be there when you finish your workout, I promise.

And on that note, the text messages and facebook updates will be there after you finish happy hour with your girlfriends too. I’m encouraging all of you ladies to do this next time you are hanging out with the girls! Have “facetime” with your actual friends, not your virtual ones.  Leave your cell phone in your purse. I swear, it will change your life.

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