Golden Globes 2014 recap

Fashion is in the air! That’s right- it’s awards season!

Here are a few of my favorite looks from the 2014  Golden Globes.

5.  Olivia Wilde- Gucci Premiere

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4. Kate Beckinsale- Zuhair Murad Couture

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3. Amy Adams- Valentino Couture

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2. Maria Menounos- BCBG Max Azria Atelier

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1. Margot Robbie- Gucci

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My favorite hair and makeup of the night was worn by Kaley Cuoco Sweeting! Her dress wasn’t on my top five, but the way her hair and makeup was done for the dress was to DIE for!

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And who could forget about the boys?! My best dressed man of the night was….. USHER!

Absolutely love a colored tux and this one by Calvin Klein in oxblood and black was no exception!

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Listening to: Love on Top- Beyonce


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