Winter White, Done Right

I have a love affair with the color white.

It is such a staple in my closet. Every woman should have white in their wardrobe, but old and outdated rules tell us that once Labor Day is here- you put the white away.

I guess I should be the first to admit – I cheat. Umm, hello?! – I live in Florida. It’s a sunny day everyday and when it is sunny out, I want to wear white.

Kim Kardashian has been rocking winter white lately and I LOVE it! I really don’t think the girl could possibly dress bad. (And if you are one of the people that talked crap about her when she was pregnant and about what she was wearing- you are lame. I’ve never been pregnant, but I can say that gaining weight is never easy- EVER. Now try doing that in the public eye. Shame on you.)

Anyways- Kim Kardashian doesn’t get it wrong. I love a woman with a strong sense of self. That girl can rock anything off the rack and off the runway. She has such a grace about her that she truly can style just about anything to look awesome.  I want to share a couple ways to wear winter white with you starring Kim Kardashian herself.

Day Look: I am obsessed with this look. She recently wore this casual outfit and as soon as I saw this picture- I knew I had to write about it. This outfit gave me the inspiration for this post.  I want this outfit. No, wait, I NEED this outfit. It is an easy look to recreate as well.  These are wardrobe staples most every woman has and if not, you need. I also love her lightweight, daytime makeup paired with this look. It shows that Kim thinks of every detail when getting dressed.

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Evening Look: I wanted you to see how Kim can turn it up a notch for a date night. Still a simple ensemble to say the least- basic creamy white, strappy heel. The pop of skin from the crop top makes the look edgy and sexy for the hot dinner date with your man.

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Glam Look: Kim K’s signature look. Full Glam. Now, I think Kim looks gorgeous consistently…. but I will say- when this girl goes full glam, it is my absolute favorite. This look is from her birthday bash in 2013 at Tao Las Vegas. Of course, when you are in Vegas you have to go all out. The white pops out so well on the red carpet.  The lace makes it feminine while the crop top bustier really makes her look fit and confident. Absolutely stunning.

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So there you have it. Three signature winter white styles that are dead on. I love that Kim is brave enough to wear white in the winter. Let this be an inspiration to you…. dress outside the box. Dress to make yourself feel good. Be confident in your choices.

You don’t always have to play by the rules….


Listening to:  Grown Woman- Beyonce

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