Best Lip Balm for Bedtime

First off- every single girl should moisturize.

When I was 13, I was received the best facial care advice. My grandmother told me that you can never start moisturizing your face soon enough. Most women don’t worry about wrinkles until they get them. Thankfully I was given amazing facial advice from my gorgeous grandmother. (More on this Thursday!)

But anyway- after all of the moisturizing, most people forget to add lip balm. Hello?! Lip Balm is just as important as face cream! You don’t want dry, cracked lips when you kiss the man of your dreams, do you? The perfect time to perfect your pout is while you sleep.

I have tried numerous balms over the years. Expensive and inexpensive, new brands and old brands- but what I found worked the best was Sisley- Paris: Nutritive Lip Balm.

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Now to warn you: It is a little pricey. To get a 0.3 oz container is $72 at Saks. I know you are ready to die when you see that price. I did too when they rang me up at the cash wrap desk.  So I plan on giving you a couple reasons why spending this amount of money is worth it.

1. It lasts forever. – I use this product every single night. I started using this product in September 2012. I am just now on my second container and it is January 2014.

2. The balm is thick. – Truly, a dab will do. You don’t have to use a ton of this product in order to get the “thick effect”.

3. It last throughout the night.- I clean my face, brush my teeth, apply my creams, etc… and last, but certainly not least, I apply my lip balm.  I do this last because I tend to drink water and stuff before I jump into bed and I want to make sure it is fully on before I turn off the light.  I will wake up the next morning and it will still be on my lips. Obviously, after 8 hours it isn’t as heavy, but it is STILL there! Of every lip balm I have tried, I can honestly say this is the only one that is still on in the morning!

So ladies- if you are looking to perfect your pout- start at night! I was completely satisfied with this product and I am sure you will be too!


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