Trend Alert: Puffer Jacket Style

London, Paris, the Minnesota Twins baseball stadium, NFL sidelines…. these babies are everywhere. Take a look around when you are walking down the street. I bet you will see one…. and not just one, about 10 at a time. Yep, I am talking about Puffer Jackets. The “not so new” but “totally brought back to life” warm style trend of the season.

Let’s be honest here. I always thought that puffer jackets were absolutely hideous and that I would only be caught dead in one via circa 1990 photographs of me as a child playing in the snow. Cut to 2012, a Floridian in Minnesota, and you best believe I was reaching for my down gear. Smartest buy ever.


I was at Macy’s- in downtown Minnesota- while my man was doing his thing at the field- and I was searching for a jacket. Minnesota gets really cold, really fast. Now, I went in thinking “Hey, I want a peacoat”- ya know, to keep with classic tradition, and came out with a beautiful red peacoat…. and a blue puffer jacket. (Something I NEVER thought that I would buy). It would turn out to be the best investment of the entire year.

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I tried on this Puffer Jacket as a joke. I hadn’t been in one since the 1990’s and was kidding around pretending to be a child again. Except this time that I put it on, it wasn’t huge and out of control, making me look like a walking marshmallow. Nope, this time, you could see my figure in it and boy, was this baby lightweight. I zipped it up and looked in the mirror a couple times and was pretty pleased….. and then I realized how warm I had gotten in a matter of a few seconds! I removed the jacket, looked at the price tag, and seeing that it was only $60 figured I could justify buying it and headed to the counter to checkout.  I left Macy’s satisfied with my red peacoat and my brand new blue puffer jacket. Score!

The best thing about the “Puffer Jacket” is that fact that it is made with water resistant fabric, which totally came in handy while I was walking around London in the beginning December….Uh yea, wish I would have read the weather reports before I decided to book a tour during the coldest and wettest time of the year in England. Anyway- The inner layer (or stuffing, as it looks) is made up of goose down…. think goose down comforter by a warm fire in the middle of winter or in bed….. yea, that warm. My jacket also came with a tiny carrying bag, think ziplock sandwich size, and it will literally fold down into it!!!!!! AMAZING! Normally when you pack for a trip, one of the most dreaded items because of weight restraints is the jacket…. but not this time. I think my eyelash curler weighs more than this!

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I stayed so warm in London- it was incredible. I wore my peacoat a couple of times, ya know, to mix up my style and for different photo opts,  and every time I wore it, even though it is sooooo cute, I was regretting not wearing the Puffer Jacket for the warmth! I wore my Puffer the entire time I was in Paris after leaving London because the wind would cut you like a knife. BEST MACY’S PURCHASE EVER.

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And what could be even better about the Puffer Jacket this year? It comes in every single color, style, and length, you could possibly imagine! You can find them in discount stores to high end stores, from the streets to the runways. They are everywhere and definitely come in a style for you!

I highly recommend this product! Go out and get yours today!

Listening to: “Gold on the Ceiling”- The Black Keys

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