From Fashion to Baseball… all in a days work.


Heading to Fashion Week has always been a dream! Going with one of my closest friends, Neil, who works for Louis Vuitton- was a bonus! The energy that fills the city while Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is going on is absolutely incredible! Here are some photos from our ridiculously amazing day! (Recap on the shows to come later this week.  FYI: the color of the season seems to be Royal Blue…. I’m so incredible stoked!)


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The absolute most amazing coffee in the world from the best bakery in New York City! Magnolia Bakery! It is a must try if you are ever in NYC! (I needed some caffeine to fuel my body for the very long and exciting day ahead.)


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Outside the Lincoln Center- because every girl needs a picture like this at least once in her life! #mbfw


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Inside there were tons of photo booths set up for fun! Neil and I had such a blast sipping wine, taking photos, meeting celebrities and taking in all of the runway shows we could!


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Then off to Yankee Stadium to support my husband and cheer on the Royals!


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Seriously incredible view! (Actual photo of my husband pitching to Derek Jeter).  The energy in Yankee Stadium is absolutely insane when Derek Jeter comes up to bat! He is such a staple in the baseball community. It was such a privilege watching him play in his last season! #farewellcaptain


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We ended our amazing day with dinner at Bricola Wine Bar! It was so cool! It’s tapas style plates of delicious italian dishes – (the food is to die for)- and an extensive wine list. The dining room only holds 15 people at one long table. Such a fun and unique experience! I will definitely be going back the next time I am in the city.


All in All: What an incredible weekend I had in New York. I love any time that I get to spend in the city- but this trip was extra special for so many reasons! From my first trip to Fashion Week to watching my husband pitch to Derek Jeter in his final days as a Yankee- I am so grateful!  I can’t wait for next year!


Photo Credits: The Swanky Paper Doll



One comment on “From Fashion to Baseball… all in a days work.

  • September 20, 2014 at 3:21 pm

    Oh, that looks like you had a blast! Fashion Week sounds amazing, and hopefully I will be able to go as well one day…Thank you for sharing these photos with us, I really enjoyed ’em! <3

    Ashley B.

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