Baseball Travels, Chapels and Such…

Yep- that’s right. Another day, another team.

Wow! This offseason has been crazy! We were married as a Minnesota Twin, honeymooned as a Chicago Cub, celebrated Christmas as a Baltimore Oriole, and now about a month into spring training we are a Toronto Blue Jay.

If you counted correctly, that’s 4 teams in a matter of a little over 2 months.


You are probably just as shocked as we were! That’s a lot of transition in a short period of time. While most people would be panicking or pulling their hair out with stress- I sit back and feel extremely blessed. Blessed that my husband has a job, blessed that my husband is still able to chase his dream, blessed that I am on this crazy ride with him, and blessed to get to know so many WONDERFUL people in the baseball community. (And let’s be honest- a little stressed. Change is stressful and packing is worse. I wouldn’t be human to not experience a little stress..hehe!)

Yesterday the “blessed” part rang true is so many ways.

Yesterday was the PAO -Professional Athletes Outreach- Spring Event for women in baseball. I drove the hour and a half from Fort Myers (aka home base) to Sarasota Florida to sit with women who live the same life as me. What an uplifting experience. I felt so honored to be in the room with all of these amazing women who support their husbands dreams every single day as well as hold together their entire household.  It is so nice being able to chat with women who experience the same triumphs and struggles as you. Some of these women have been around the game for years and some are brand new- what a great way to start the season…. with support of women just like me! The speakers were incredible and it was so nice seeing familiar faces within the craziness that the baseball life can be!

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So yes,  I am blessed.  You may think that I am crazy to feel blessed after 4 teams in 2 months, but I am. Out of all of the movement, I have gotten to know so many women in baseball and for that I am so very thankful. They say that everything happens for a reason, and I truly believe it does. Many thanks to all of the women yesterday who were part of the luncheon and a special thanks to the table of wonderful women I sat with for making yesterday such a memorable experience!

Words from Baseball Chapel: With a new season ahead of us, let’s strive to allow Christ to do the seemingly impossible in us.


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