Save the Date MADNESS

Hi dolls-

I’m back in Florida while my fiance is hammering away in Triple A Rochester. I figured I would come home while they had a really long road stand and get some wedding stuff done. Boy- you actually have no idea how much goes into a wedding until you are in the midst of the madness.

I am only home for about 10 days- so there was a lot to get done. With my brain disorder, the first couple of days I am home are gone to the crapper…. I am just so overly unbalanced and nauseated, I truly cannot function. (More on my brain disorder in another post… one day I will open up about it.) Anyway- with 3 days already WASTED- I knew I needed to buckle down and start addressing my ‘Save the Dates’. Well about 4 hours in, I had new recognition to give my fiance when we has over 1,000 baseball cards to sign. My arm felt like jello and I was seeing double. Enough for the day. I got about 60% done…. but with only a few days left in Florida I knew I had to finish.

Today was the day. Finishing. Posting. Driving to the Post Office. Holy Moly.

I feel like a tremendous weight has been lifted off my shoulders- I hope everyone LOVES them as much as we do! It was exciting to finish them and send them off- the wedding is getting more and more real! Ah! I can’t wait! So much more to do leading up to the event, but I know in the end it will all be worth it.

So glad I have an amazing man in my life to keep me positive in all the madness that weddings can bring. Also so grateful to LuLu’s Gift Emporium for making the whole save the dates and invitations production so easy. Literally. I have had such a positive experience with this shop I would recommend them to ANYONE- ANYWHERE!

I gave the “green light” on the actual invitations yesterday- 40 days until those little guys are in my hands! I cannot wait to see them!

Please check out LuLu’s Gift Emporium! You will not be sorry!

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