Online Store- Coming Soon!

Hi Everyone- I am so thrilled to be able to tell you that we have a launch date set for “The Swanky Paper Doll” online store! March 3rd- mark it in your calendars!

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I have been working so hard to figure out how I wanted to do this. At first, I was going to sell a little bit of everything. Dresses, shirts, pants, etc- and then I thought- if I am traveling with my husband all of the time for baseball-I may get super overwhelmed. I don’t want anything I put together to be half-hearted, so I took a step back to decide what would be the best thing for me, my family and my company. Then I knew…..

How many times do you go to sports stores and everything- and I mean EVERYTHING- looks exactly the same. You want a cute shirt for a baseball game, for example, and you rush into the team store and they have maybe 5 options for women.  We don’t want to look like every other woman in the stadium just because there aren’t as many choices for us as men! This inspired me to design shirts for women that weren’t like every other shirt you find in the pro shops! Once I started with women, I decided to expand to children as well! I hope you love this line as much as I do!

I will be offering tank tops, t-shirts, and raglans to start for women- all baseball inspired! For children- onesies and toddler t-shirts! I will be adding new designs every couple weeks- so if you don’t see anything that you like at first, please keep checking back!  I would also love to hear what colors you would like to see items in and any cute ideas you may have! Eventually, I plan to grow my store into offering things for men and brides! (How could I not include bridal items after my time on Say Yes to the Dress?!)

Please stay updated on all things “The Swanky Paper Doll” by following @forthefieldapparel on Instagram!

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