Oily Skin- No Problem

My grandmother gave me the best skincare advice in the world. Advice I think every girl should know and share with their girlfriends.

“You are never too young to start preventing wrinkles and taking care of your skin- it’s the only skin you are in!”- and at the ripe age of 12, that’s what I did. I started really taking care of my skin. Thankfully I did, because sophomore year of high school, I hit a rough patch and had acne horribly. Adjusting my skincare routine really helped and drinking more water made all the difference.  Now let’s get one thing straight, I am a normal female. My skin still has occasional breakouts and is oily- but at least it is manageable.

When I would have a breakout sophomore year- I would run to CVS and get acne cream to put on the zit. And when I say “put on”- I really mean lather on. What did this do? Nothing. Not only did the zit not go away, but now I have extremely dried out, flaky skin on top of it. Instead of hiding it, I was drawing more attention to it. Yuck. This is when my grandmother told me- “Drink more water when you have breakouts, it will flush the toxins out of your body.Oh, and don’t try to dry it out. When your skin is breaking out, it’s usually irritated. Put moisturizer on it instead.”

I thought she was insane. Okay grandma, let me put more cream on my zit and make it more oily. I figured I would try it though- I mean come on, my skin was already a hot, flaky, irritated mess….. so why not?

Miracle! It actually worked! Now, it didn’t disappear overnight- but it did shrink and within about 3 days it was gone!

Now getting back to the point….Like I said previously, I have naturally oily skin. I can’t use any type of moisturizer I find- it has to be gel based. If you are finding that you skip putting the moisturizer on because you feel even shinier than before- I get it. I felt the same way! Why would I need moisturizer to prevent wrinkles when I have enough oil on my face to moisturize a leather bag?! That’s when I did some research and found gel base moisturizers.

I use Clinique face wash and clarifying lotion and then Ole Henriksen facial products for my moisturizing needs. I have been a fan of Clinique since I was 12- still believe in it to this day and Ole Henriksen makes the ultimate skincare line. I am obsessed with their facial care products.  If you are still reading this- I feel like we have something in common and for that I want to share my nighttime routine with you.

1. Clean my face with my Clinique Mild Facial Soap. I put this on my beloved Clarisonic. It automatically calculates the proper time to scrub for so I don’t have to estimate. It gives a great exfoliation too. (I use the sensitive brush on the Clarisonic and I place two pumps of soap on the top of the brush head.)

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2. After blotting my face dry, I go right for the astringent. I use Clinique Clarifying Lotion 3. It is for combination oily skin- aka my face. I have an oily chin, forehead and T-Zone but normal cheeks. I simply take a cotton ball, put a little astringent on it, and gently wipe all over my face avoiding my eyes. Do not scrub- it could irritate your skin.

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3.  Next I take my Ole Henriksen ‘Express the Truth’ cream and evenly apply it across my entire face and neck.  This cream is great for all skin types and used for anti-aging.  It fights the look of premature aging with african red tea and vitamin C. It isn’t thick and absorbs quickly into the skin and it smells great! (All of Ole Henriksen’s products smell great,btw.) 

4. I usually brush my teeth in between the last step to this one because I want to make sure the cream is really absorbed into my pores. So now, I apply my Ole Henrikson ‘Invigorating Night Gel’ to my forehead. This is for all skin types and is used for anti-aging as well. I have worry lines on my forehead and I like to tame them as much as possible. I tap this into my worry lines and let dry completely. The product contains botanical alpha hydroxy acids that result in rapid cell proliferation. From the start of using this product, I have seen a 80% difference in the worry lines on my forehead. Practically gone!

5. Finally, I apply my Ole Henriksen ‘Ultimate Eye Lift Gel’ under my eyes and extending towards my temples. This reduces the look of puffiness and wrinkles while moisturizing at the same time. I love this gel because it feels instantly cool against my skin.  It is for all skin types and used for anti-aging as well.

Below are photos of the containers and the order I put them on from left to right.

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Clinique and Ole Henriksen both have many more amazing products for you to try! These are just a few of my favorites! Time to get your facial routine under control ladies- and remember- it’s the only skin you are in!


For more information on the Clarisonic- please read my post at https://forthefieldapparel.com /2012/10/27/10-products-in-10-days-day-2/

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Photo Credits: Sephora.com




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