It’s the truth. It’s LIVING PROOF.

Let’s talk about hair baby- Let’s talk about you and me- Let’s talk about all the colors and the bad bangs, that can be- Let’s talk about hair… Let’s talk about hair.

Seriously. As a female, I can say, hair is pretty important. Whether you are dying, frying, or treating it right- it really is hard to get it right all the time. Trust me. I have been every single color you can imagine. I naturally have dark brown (almost black) hair- and yea- I’ve taken it all the way to platinum blonde and back again. The photos below prove it. But in all the coloring changing and correcting and screwing up again- I’ve learned that a woman needs a good shampoo and haircare collection to make it manageable and keep it from falling out from over processing.

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(Yea I’m on the right that is a blonde… and then back to my natural color with my green beer. Crazy, eh? And sorry about the circa, 2008, professional cheerleading uniform in the blonde photo. Those were the days.)

Anyhow, now I am a fresh ombre and I am LOVING it. Extremely low maintenance and totally in with the trend right now. The only problem is- even though my ends are toned- they were still bleached first….. and we all know that bleaching leads to extreme breakage, tangles, etc. AKA- major problems.

I have tried, to put it lightly, about 17 million different hair products and FINALLY I have found one that I LOVE. Let me introduce you…..


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I randomly saw this product was coming out (thank you Glamour Magazine) and that Jennifer Aniston was part owner of the company. That peaked my attention and I immediately started doing my research on this new product. Jennifer Aniston has always been an amazing woman- let’s be real- “the Rachel” haircut wasn’t created for just anybody. After thinking about all of her hair color changes and cuts over the years, I found myself wondering how she has kept her hair in check?! Any real woman knows that haircare comes at a high price…. Living Proof doesn’t.

I use the restore* Living Proof shampoo, conditioner, and mask. (Pictured Above, purple bottle) This one is for extremely dry and damaged hair. They have different shampoos and products for all different types of hair as well.  Click HERE to check it out! Find the perfect match for you! They are so confident in their products, they provide free samples on their website! I encourage all of my followers to try it!

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Back to the fact though- I didn’t want to blog about this until I had used it for awhile… I wanted my readers to know if it really did work or not. To be honest with you, I didn’t have to wait until the whole bottle was gone to write this blog. I noticed my major change within a week. And it has only gotten better.

Listening to: “It Keeps Gettin’ Better”- Christina Aguilera

Photo Credits: Kristi Anweiler, Ashley Allbee Photography,

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