Grammy Greatness 2014

If you didn’t remember why you fell in love with Beyonce- well, she reminded you last night.

Wow- her performance to open the 2014 Grammy Awards was spectacular. She looked gorgeous and who doesn’t love when her husband, Jay-Z, gets on the stage to rock with her?  In case you missed it or just want to watch it again, click the link below.  (you’re welcome)

And Macklemore’s amazing performance of “Same Love”. What a powerful message- and congratulations to all of the couples that were married last night on America’s biggest stage! Another personal favorite was Imagine Dragons with Kendrik Lamar- I died.

I love that the Grammy’s bring together so many amazing artists having unforgettable moments on stage…. Just incredible. And of course the FASHION. Let’s get into my top 3 favorites of the night!.

3. Anna Faris wearing Fitriani.

I love the simplicity of this dress. Some people wear jaw dropping outfits or scary outfits to the Grammys and she didn’t. I love the fit and the color. The blue isn’t too dark or too bright and it is tailored perfection. I love how she keeps it modest yet sexy.

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2. Taylor Swift wearing Gucci Premiere.

This dress looks like a sexy coat of armor. I love the shine of the dress. It fits her perfectly.

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1. Chrissy Teigen wearing Johanna Johnson.

This was definitely a wow gown! I couldn’t get over how stunning she looked. Such a great pick for the Grammys- especially when you husband, John Legend, serenades you from the stage with the spotlight shining down on you. Umm hello, doesn’t every girl imagine he is singing to them when he is on stage? (and think, she is that lucky all the time!) Not only is the fit of this gown stunning, I love the deep V at the top and the centered V slit on the lower half of the gown. Her hair  and makeup were exactly on par for the dress selection as well. She NAILED it! Kudos Chrissy.

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And what would a Grammy recap be with a best dress man!?

My vote goes to Ben Haggerty aka Macklemore. I loved this look. (I’m obviously crushing on colored suits these days…)

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I love awards season!


Listening to: Drunk in Love- Beyonce (duh)

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