Fringe Fascination Giveaway!

Who isn’t into fringe these days… and no- I don’t mean bangs! 

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I mean the fascination with fringe that you see everywhere right now! I am obsessed with fringe on dresses, bags, jewelry… pretty much anything it comes on! You can dress it up or down- but fringe is such a statement piece. I prefer my fringe Steve Madden bag for a boho chic look.

I also have some pretty amazing tassel jewelry that I love to add to my stack for a little arm candy!

And to share my love of fringe and tassels- I am having a giveaway with one of my favorite jewelry designers -Cathryn Ann Designs!

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Together we have collaborated to put together the perfect Valentine’s Day giveaway! 

To enter: Just go on your Instagram and follow me! @k_hendriks : Details under the giveaway photo!

Good Luck!

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