10 Products in 10 Days… Day 6

Makeup remover. You either love it or hate it. I was a “hate it” girl for a long time. You see, I have a problems with textures and most makeup remover tends to be oil based, or shiny and slippery- two of my most hated things. In saying this though- I had one huge problem. Eye makeup. I LOVE eye makeup. I really love a smokey eye- and girls- anyone who has done a real smokey eye knows that stuff does not come off easy. My dilemma was to either walk around for about 3 days after wearing a smokey eye looking like I was socked in the face or to use makeup remover. I chose to use makeup remover, even though the texture made me want to scream!

On a casual day in Key West…. well first off, let’s be honest, no day in Key West is casual. Especially when it is Fantasy Fest time in Key West (the largest adult party in the world). I was with one of my girlfriends who uses a ton of makeup. And no- not because she is a Kardashian…. (whom I love, btw) but she wears a lot of makeup because she is a performer. She is the girl who taught me to use orange eyeshadow and make it look surreal. So talented in her makeup skills it is insane…. but anyway- she introduced me to the best makeup remover I have ever used (and the cheapest!)

Welcome product #6- Pond’s Cold Cream

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Let me give you some background on this amazing product that you can find practically anywhere!

First off- it is hypoallergenic. If you remember from my previous post, I am allergic to anything with fragrance! It does contain mineral oil but since it is built up with beeswax as a moisturizer, it actually turns into a cream instead of that runny oily liquid- the one you have to shake in a bottle because it separates as it sits, kind of crap.  It works on sensitive skin (which is all me) and won’t clog your pores! I absolutely love this product! You can use it as a makeup remover and a cleanser both! I use it only an eye makeup remover since it doesn’t burn if it goes in my eyes and then use a different cleanser for my face because I have my own ritual- but either way- it works!

*** Easy Tip: After  a night out on the town with your gorgeous smokey eye, take Pond’s Cold Cream into the shower with you before bed. Gently apply it to area you need cleaned (aka- the smokey eye with the waterproof eyeliner). Rub on the eye and surrounding area for about 10-15 seconds. Wipe it off with a wet washcloth and then rinse if you want (I do). You will be so happy to see that your smokey eye is no longer making you look like you got punched in the eye because it is on the washcloth! MAGIC!

Listening to: “Kiss”- Prince

Photo Credit: ponds.com

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