10 Products in 10 Days…. Day 2

What a night last night…. drinks with friends, hockey, and laughs. What more could a girl ask for?  Oh wait- I know- clean skin. Obviously, I went out with my friends… a girl is going to totally put on makeup. And a little more than a normal 5 minute “pull it together amount” as well. Now- how can I get this stuff off my face?!

Answer- Day 2 of my “10 Products in 10 Days”  blog.

The Clarisonic.

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Yes. This little electronic gadget is my angel sent from above to really get into my pores and deep clean!  I don’t wake up the next morning looking like a zombie queen with little white heads all over my face- amazing. The Clarisonic cleans 6x better than a washcloth can with your hands alone and you really can feel the difference.

The Clarisonic comes in a few models but the one that I love the most is the Clarisonic Mia. It is the basic and middle of the range model. This model has one speed. You can get the Clarisonic that has 3 speeds and you can use it all over you body but it does cost a little bit more and seems to take up a lot more room in my suitcase as I bounce all over the country.

The Clarisonic Mia has one speed with an automatic timer of 60 seconds so you don’t overuse and irritate your skin. It comes with a one year warranty, which makes spending the extra money for a facial gadget a little easier. There are three different kinds of brush heads that you can choose from- but the universal one is for sensitive skin and comes on all the Clarisonics you purchase in the box. I use this brush head myself and love it. You are encouraged to change the brush head every 3 months… I change mine sooner. I have naturally oily skin and prefer to change it every 2 months instead. You will figure this out on your own and be able to tell when changing is the best for you. 🙂 You can get them in a selection of colors as well.  I own the light pink one while I have purchased a couple lavender ones for my family and friends.

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I love this product so much that I am buying these for my bridal party as part of their gift bag for the wedding in their favorite color.

To learn more about the Clarisonic, click HERE.

*** Easy tip: Whether you are in the shower, bathtub or hovering over the sink, splash your face with lukewarm water. Run the Clarisonic under the water to get the brush head wet and generously pump your favorite facial cleanser onto the brush. (My favorite is Clinique #3 gel cleanser pump form) Place the Clarisonic on your face and then press the “on” button. Putting it up to your face first ensures that you get the full amount of cleanser on your face instead of the vibrations knocking some off. I prefer to start on my cheek to create a good lather and then work around my face. I leave my forehead second to last so that none of the soap drips into my eyes and I go blind. 😉  Then I finish up with my neck.

Just Remember: When you first start using this system you will either think “Wow! That went fast!” or “Geez, this thing is taking forever!”. After using the Clarisonic for about a week, you will start to get used to the time frame and be able to really maximize the 60 seconds by breaking it down accordingly on your face to allot the same seconds for each zone. Remember, practice makes perfect! And with this tool, at least you will have fun practicing!

Listening to: “Little Bird”- Annie Lennox

Photo Credit: skincaremarket.net; beautinese.com

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